Sunday, November 29, 2009

Goodbye, November!

WOW, it has been awhile since I posted a new blog entry.  November was a busy and and exciting month for us!  We started it by baptizing our sweet little Alex on November 1st, and we’re ending it with putting up our Christmas lights outside (by “we” I mean Jeff!).  In the middle, we celebrated my birthday (Nov 12th) and Jeff’s birthday (Nov 17th).  The boys celebrated Veteran’s Day at school and wrote our own veteran’s names on stars (Papa, Big Papa, and Uncle Billy, to name a few) and displayed them at school.  We took Alex to his 1st Cleveland Cavaliers game (he loved it, by the way!), even though Shaq sat the bench and Delonte was nowhere to be found (no worries- he’s back!).  We also went to Kalahari with the Riverside Riverhawks football league and had a FANTASTIC time!    Then we traveled to Erie to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Kubaney/Slater family.  Now we are anxiously awaiting Ammy and Papa’s return from Texas after a month-long trip to see Jenny, Jer, and Baby Reid.  They won’t believe how big our Baby Alex is!

2009Nov 012

Roses from our rose garden, IN NOVEMBER!

2009Nov 014 Will and Alex

2009Nov 019 All 4 monkeys!

2009Nov 027 2009Nov 034 Who doesn’t love fat legs on a baby?!

2009Nov 036 Daddy and Alex at the Cavs game

2009Nov 039 Cavs game2009Nov 043 We had to unbutton his pants right after this picture!2009Nov 051 Bath time!2009Nov 062 Sleepy baby!

Hope you all had a very happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Big Weekend for the Kubaneys!

Last weekend was a huge weekend for the Kubaney boys!  (Thus the delay in postings for their mother :-)!!!).  For Halloween, Will dressed up as a zombie and Jack and Sam were gangsters.  Little Alex debuted as a lobster, but unfortunately his size 3-6 months costume was not big enough for our hefty little 11 week old baby!  So we took a few pictures and the lobster quickly morphed back into Alex!

2009 Alex's Baptism 041 2009 Alex's Baptism 052Our little lobster!

2009 Alex's Baptism 037 2009 Alex's Baptism 035

 2009 Alex's Baptism 034 2009 Alex's Baptism 028 Jacob, Ryan & Will making a dummy to scare the trick-or-treaters.


Then on Sunday, Alex was baptized.  It was a beautiful day and he was as sweet as ever.  He slept through Mass and most of the baptism.  Then we had lunch at our home following the baptism.  What a wonderful day!

2009 Alex's Baptism 057 All dressed up!2009 Alex's Baptism 059The 8 Kubaney cousins.2009 Alex's Baptism 089 “Big Al”2009 Alex's Baptism 079 

His brothers called him a “fairy princess”!  The nerve…  All 4 Kubaney babies wore this gorgeous silk baptism gown.  Hopefully, their children will wear it someday, too…


Madeline and Elizabeth, our only nieces.

ALEX'S BAPTISM 169 Alex’s Godparents, Tara and Jeff Malbasa (AKA The Meatball Subs).

 2009 Alex's Baptism 063 Big Girl and Big Al!