Monday, April 12, 2010

We're Back!
Well, we had ALOT of technical difficulties over the last 2 months or so, and I wasn't able to post any blogs! Thankfully, our computer is rebuilt and back in action, so I'll try to catch you up since January 17th! The boys have all grown like weeds (of course), especially Alex! All 3 big boys played basketball this Winter, and Alex was the good little fan that he always is. Will's team (The Texas Longhorns, with burnt orange shirts and everything, Aunt Jenny!) made it to the championship but lost in a VERY exciting nail-biter. And even though the YMCA league did not technically keep score, you can ask Jack the scores of his games, and Papa will proudly confirm! Sam and Jack don't think they lost a game, and I would have to agree. Jeff and Vince Urbanski (Sam's dad) were great coaches!

Jack got a much anticipated haircut!

We made some awesome Valentine's Day cookies!

We had an unexpected visit from Baby Reid, Aunt Jenny & her Dad, Chris Allaire!

The whole Kubaney family went to a Cleveland Cavaliers game and had a TON of fun!

Okay, these were just a few of the many photos I'd like to share, but the technical difficulties are making it extremely complicated for me to post pictures. I'll consult with my IT specialist (ie, my poor dear brother) and hopefully get my LiveWriter back up so I can do this easily!
Check back soon for a new post with LOTS more photos! (Baby Alex got a haircut today, so I need to get thise pics up soon!)
Love to you all!