Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy New Year!

We spent the New Year’s Holiday with our dear friends the Niemeyers (Tonya Farmer’s family, for those who have known her since childhood!).  We traveled to Minster (site of the infamous annual Oktoberfest) on New Year’s Eve and snuck in a lovely dinner at La Piazza in New Bremen.  Then we had a great time at Tonya and Bryan’s.  The kids (I could say “the boys” but Tonya had to go and have a girl- Alyssa Faye- so I have to say “the kids”) had a great time in the hot tub and were crazy enough to make snow angels with their steamy little bodies! 

2010 New Years 010

Then on New Year’s Day, we went to the American Legion Hall to watch The Ohio State Buckeyes game.  of course, everyone was in their scarlett and gray and cheering on the Buckeyes!  You can’t see it, but even Alex had his “Poop on Michigan” onesie from the Nelsons!

2010 New Years 023 Jack & James

2010 New Years 028 Making Buckeyes before the game!

2010 New Years 029 Even James helped make the buckeyes!

2010 New Years 030 Tonya & Alex

2010 New Years 031

(My camera was foggy from coming in from the car)

2010 New Years 034

The Kubaney Boys had lots of spirit!

2010 New Years 039

2010 New Years 041

2010 New Years 046 Our little chimp!2010 New Years 043

2010 New Years 049 Alyssa & Sam

2010 New Years 052 Jacob

2010 New Years 050 Jonathan, watching football.

Happy, healthy 2010 to all of my dear friends and family.  Along with my usual eat-better-exercise-more-keep-in-touch-better-and-generally-be-a-better-person resolutions, I am really going to try to update this blog weekly!  Get ready for lots of basketball shots, since the season has started for 3 of the 4 kubaney boys (Alex is not quite ready yet for basketball)…

2010 New Years 054 Stop by anytime! We’d love to see you in 2010!  Can’t promise the house will be clean, but we can promise we’ll always be happy to see you!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Holidays were good to us…

We had a wonderful Christmas this year!  As you can tell by the interval between posts, it has been quite busy here!

We forgot how sweet it is to have a new baby for the Holidays :-)!  It really felt like Alex was “official” when we hung his stocking on the mantle!  He made the Holidays all the happier with his sweet personality and easy smile.

Happy baby in his exersaucer!2009 December 087

Alex’s 1st visit with Santa.  Can you guess what he asked for????2009 December 031 2009 December 020Alex loves to be read to!

 2009 December 023Ammy & boys

 2009 December 045

Daddy loves his Baby Boy!

2009 December 075

The Big Boys got a ZIP LINE from Santa!  Stop over this summer and take a ride on it!  FUN!

2009 December 095

Our little Christmas Monkey!

2009 December 097

2009 December 105

Big cousins are so much fun! (Madeline & Jacob with Jack & Alex)

2009 December 109 Smiley with Grandma

2009 December 111

HANDSOME! (as Aunt Jenny would say)

2009 December 116 Sam, age 62009 December 117 Will, age 10

2009 December 118 Jack, age 7

2009 December 119 Pa & Big Al

2009 December 128 Kubaney/Slaters with Grandma’s knit hats. So cozy!

2009 December 136 Alex loves his new hat!

2009 December 112Elizabeth & Andrew

The Texan Remingtons are missing from these Holiday photos :-(.  They spent their 1st Christmas with Baby Reid in his native homeland.  He certainly would not have been able to appreciate the snow at the age of 9 months, but hopefully he’ll be here for Christmas next year and we’ll take him sledding!

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!