Friday, October 23, 2009

The end of the season…

IMG_3056 We had a great time watching Will and Jack play for the Riverside Riverhawks this Autumn!  There’s nothing cuter than little boys in full pads and helmets!  We had our fair share of bruises, but thankfully no injuries all season.  Jack’s last game was last weekend, and Will’s last game is this Saturday at 11:30.   If all the boys play for the Riverhawks when they are of age, we’ll have 13 years of Riverhawk Football!!!!! (no pressure, Alex)…

Enjoy these adorable (I mean tough) photoso of our boys!


Jack playing defense: outside linebacker.


The quarterback’s handoff (Jack is #5, handing off to Jack “Robbie” Robinson, #23).


Coach Kubaney and the star quarterback   :-)


Will and our “adopted son” Ryan Thomas were helpful volunteers!


Here’s one of Will (#60) during the coin toss, playing at Riverside stadium!  (More photos of Will to be posted later…)

IMG_3080 The littlest fan :-)

IMG_3054 Will

Stay tuned for more photos and more adventures…


  1. It was great watching the boys play and also seeing Pa & Grandma at most of the games. Sam will also be on the playing field next year and everyone will take turns running around after Alex trying to keep him off the field. What a fun time we had this season!
    Love those baby boys (they are getting so big!)

  2. Great photos! (I especially love the one of Jack & coach!!) So glad we could make it to both boys' games!

    Love, love, love,
    Aunt Jenny

  3. Buds - Really, I am so impressed!! You are a bonafide blogger...way to go!! The boys are adorable. Hello, Alex - I mean Little Bobby!!! Dana (if you're reading this, doesn't he look just like Bob??!!) Buds, do what I do - start taking a little snippet of ETOH to all those games, though for me its Irish Dance Feis's (competitions)..makes everything a little bit more fun! Just kidding...not really. LOVE YOU ALL!!!

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