Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Welcome to our new blog!

Hello everyone! This is my first blog entry on our newly created Kubaney family blog (lovingly set up by my dear brother, Jeremy, when he, Jenny, and Baby Reid visited over Labor Day weekend). As many of you know, I am NOT computer savvy, and I even find it taxing to check e-mail once a month! But I vow to maintain this family blog, mostly because I enjoy Jer & Jenny's family blog so much, and I hope to keep loved ones up to speed on the goings on in our lives! Hopefully over time I'll become good at this, and will be able to post lots of pictures of our busy boys. So be patient with me and check back when you can...


  1. I'm sooooo girl (and only girl) is trying to embrace technology. Big day!

  2. Hooray!! Is this real? PINCH ME!

    We are looking forward to seeing more photos and hearing from the Kubaney family. Love you all!

  3. We loved meeting you all and will be sad to see you go!

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